Brinly Hardy 42" Lawn Sweeper Review

Brinly Hardy 42″ Lawn Sweeper Review

Brinly hardy 42 inches lawn sweeper is really popular and best lawn sweeper in the market. The reviews of customer which already bought that leaf sweeper are really positive. Brinly 42″ is one of Brinly’s best-selling lawn sweepers and people are buying that sweeper to clean the pine needles and other debris from their lawn. The reason behind the high rating is its unique feature to reverse the wheel over the spinning side of the dense brush.

The sweeper has a large hopper made of poly-weave fabric (20 cubic feet), meaning that there will be fewer unloading stops. It comes with good sweeping power, quality of build, (relative) ease of assembly, and ease of use, which makes it one of the best lawn sweeper in the market and I hardly recommend you to buy this lawn sweeper.

Brinly STS-427LXH 20 Cubic Feet Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper, 42-Inch

Brinly Lawn Sweeper Review

The Brinly-hardy 42-inch model is one of the best labor saving machines that help you to clean the surface of the lawn areas in a neat and quick manner. Brinly lawn sweeper is quiet popular in the market and people trust it and you can also use it to clean the debris from your lawn easily.

There is no doubt that it will help you to save your precious time over the operation of cleaning the lawn thereby, helps to improve the energy spent over sweeping of lawn. Also it will clean in more effective way and it will pick all type of debris which are in your lawn. It’s a tow behind lawn sweeper and with the help of riding mower or a garden tractor you can make it work. By towing behind any of these you can make it to collect the leaves, debris, and grass clipping etc. and it will put all these debris in it’s high capacity of 20 cubic feet of hamper unit.

This model includes the gear system of 5:1 ratio, which results well in a high tip of velocity to regenerate the force to drive away all the unwanted leaves and debris over the surface of the ground. With the help of it’s 6 high-velocity brushes adjustment feature you can adjust the brush height it will help you to clean the lawn perfectly. It prevents the skipping function of the system and helps to pass over the leaves and ground grass clipping into the hamper unit.

The impurities remain over the surface of the ground and start to damage the growth of the plants over the garden. It also contaminates the water and the nutrient content of the soil and the air.

Although Brinly 42″ lawn sweeper can be folded for storage, some people say that it is cumbersome due to support bars having to be removed before folding becomes possible.

What People Like

There is no doubt that Brinly 42″ is people’s favorite lawn sweeper and it also get almost positive reviews on Amazon.

People really like that it can handle several type of debris like leaves, grass clippings and old grass etc. This is really one of the main reason for it’s positive reviews.

As it cleans not only leaves and sticks but also pine needles, acorns and twigs, people like it more.

It comes with large collection hopper (20 cubic feet) which allows it to collect a lot of debris.

It comes with 6 high-velocity brush adjustment which not slips while sweeping.

The quality of the machine’s build and the brushes (with a ratio of 5:1 brushes per wheel) makes it a powerhouse lawn sweeper capable of clearing tough debris like pine needles and twigs.

People found that assembly instructions are very easy and simple to follow.

Emptying can be easily done without even getting up from your tractor, as the lawn sweeper has a pull rope attached to the hopper.

Also it can be stored easily as it can be folded and requires very less space.

What People Dislike

There are very few people who gave less then 3 star ratings to Brinly 42″ lawn sweeper on amazon.

However assembly instructions are easy still some people complained that they are facing difficulty in assembling the lawn sweeper.

As a consequence of struggling with assembly, the same people ran into trouble when using the sweeper. They experienced issues such as the hopper not dropping back down after emptying and the wheels coming off. These issues are very likely due to incorrect assembly of the product rather than the product itself.

Brinly Lawn Sweeper Picks Up Well

  • Leaves
  • Grass clippings
  • Thatch
  • Pine cones (small to medium)
  • Pine straw
  • Stones
  • Douglas Fir cones
  • Twigs
  • Flowers
  • Sweetgum tree balls (burr balls)
  • Acorns
  • Sticks
  • Wet grass
  • Wet leaves
  • Hay
  • Manure
  • Pinestraw
  • Helicopters

Benefits Of Brinly-Hardy 42 Inch Lawn Sweeper

  • This device consists of the continuous traction pickup for every cleansing process.
  • It helps to provide large efficiency over the tractor turnings through the yards.
  • It consists of the full swing type of hamper unit to pull the cord with T handling ability to make the damping process easier.
  • It is highly equipped with the durable tubular steel frame to correctly patent with the self-storing features.
  • It helps to provide the high durability and flexibility to last over longer duration period.
  • It includes the universal fit adjustable attachment that helps to provide the simple and convenient form of storage.
  • It offers a high friction of speed over the brush to contact the grounding for cleaning the leaves, grass clippings, lawn debris and pine needles.
  • The hitch pin is highly mated with the sweeping width of 42 inches, to collect the wastage by handling the other grass and plant growth carefully. 

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