What Is A Lawn Sweeper and Why Do You Need Lawn Sweeper?

What Is A Lawn Sweeper and Why Do You Need Lawn Sweeper?

Lawn sweeper (also known as leaf sweeper) is a perfect lawn care machine which helps you to remove all the debris like pine needles, dead leaves, sticks etc. from your garden or lawn. If you own a lawn in your home then this garden tool is really recommend for you as fall season is coming and to clean the dead leaves from your lawn you need that tool.

I know you can also use rake to clean those leaves but it’s really time consuming task and if you lawn is big then it can be very difficult for you. So to make it easy and better you can use the lawn sweeper and it’s really requires less energy.

Lawn sweeper really useful as it will not only sweep up the grass, pine needles, twigs, sticks, acorns but also man-made objects such as bottles. People are really loving lawn sweepers now and they using to clean their lawn.

However lawn sweeper works good on flat or grassy lawns. So to get the performance make sure your lawn is flat or grassy.

What Is A Lawn Sweeper and Why Do You Need Lawn Sweeper?

What Is A Lawn Sweeper?

There are still a group of people who considers that the cleaning machine can never make the yard cleaner similar to the manual cleaning. But if you try the best brand of the lawn sweeper, you will change your opinion and switch to machine cleaning. Before that let me describe you what a lawn sweeper actually is.

A lawn sweeper is nothing but a man-made device, which is used to gather the dried leaves from the yard and maintain their beauty. The operation of the lawn sweeper is similar to the vacuum except for the fact that it does not require electric power to run.

They have brushes at their bottom which rotate to push the dried leaves into the dust collector bag which is attached to the lawn sweeper and it has to be unloaded once it gets fully loaded. They are available in manual pushing types, which require you to push it manually to perform working. Another type being the tow behind model requires a tractor or any other vehicle to be towed. They are available in various brands and with various facilities.

Why a Lawn Sweeper

A lawn sweeper can save you hours of your valuable time not just the direct time of collecting leaves but also the ongoing positive effects that it has on your lawn, saving you time on maintaining your lawn. The mechanical collection of leaves and other debris that litters your lawn allows it to be swiftly picked up in the same time that it takes to mow a lawn. There’s no need for back breaking raking, giving you painful blisters. There are at least five good reasons why you should sweep up leaves.

Lawn sweepers sometimes called leaf sweepers are in my opinion a much better option to the widely used leaf blowers. A leaf blower merely blows all of the leaves in to a pile which you then have to pick up, and then there are always those annoying little pieces that you can’t get up and leave unsightly dark patches on your lawn until it next rains. A leaf sweeper is perhaps best thought of as a vacuum cleaner for the lawn, similarly to the traditional upright vacuum cleaner the lawn sweeper also has a rotating brush mechanism that sweeps the leaved in to the collection box at the back. All you then need to do is to decide what to do with your leaves.

There are three main power sources for leaf sweepers: Hand powered – you either push or pull it. Powered – Similarly to a lawn mower this is either petrol powered or electric powered. Towed – You hitch it up to your utility vehicle.

The type you choose would really be determined by the size of your lawn and the amount of debris it builds up, although it is not always that case the large lawn requires a towed or powered lawn sweeper. You may have a large lawn with just one deciduous tree if this is the case then the leaves on the lawn would be relatively isolated so you may decide that a hand powered sweeper is more than sufficient. On the other hand you may have a small lawn with a lot of trees that shed their leaves. With a lawn full of leaves you really will need to go for the powered option.

Although called lawn sweepers most of them will actual make a very good job at sweeping other surfaces such as concrete and tarmac driveways, patios, decking and a whole host of other outdoor surfaces. This means that your lawn sweeper will be used all year round, so it’s not just another piece of gardening equipment taking up valuable space in your store.

How Lawn Sweepers Work

A lawn sweeper can be used by attaching to a small push mower with a light frame and hopper (sometimes called the “bag” or “catcher”) for collecting the debris.

However, instead of reel-type blades (as with lawn mowers), the axle in a lawn sweeper spins high-velocity sweeping brushes that are usually contained within an isolated housing unit.

As you push (or tow – depending on which type you’re using) the machine over your lawn, the turn of the wheels rotates the axle on which the brushes are attached.

During the rolling process, the brushes “comb” through your grass, catching any debris in the way, and tossing it back into the hopper.

When the hopper gets full, you simply dump its contents into a pile that can be disposed of (through composting, burning, or other means available to you).

If you sit on a lawn tractor or riding mower with the lawn sweeper towing behind you, you won’t even need to leave your seat to dump the contents.

Lawn sweepers make your life easier by saving you time, energy, and frustration compared to raking.

Benefits of a Lawn Sweeper

There are so many benefits of lawn sweepers and the best benefit is that you don’t need to rake again. It will save your time and there is no doubt that Lawn sweepers are a better option than the most common form of leaf and debris clearance like raking.


Because lawn sweepers do not require much physical effort and time to operate. In fact if you are using tow behind lawn sweeper then you hardly need to do anything. As you just have to sit on your garden tractor or lawn mower and the rest work will lawn sweeper do.

Raking takes too much time and everybody knows that, also while raking you have to put the debris in one container and also have to dump it somewhere again and again. Which takes too much time and energy too.

But while lawn sweeper clean the lawn on his own, it just needs tractor or mower and it will collect all the debris in it’s hopper by itself and after that with the help of rope placed on lawn sweeper you can dump that hopper while sitting on the seat. You don’t even need to stand up and dump the hopper if you are using lawn sweeper.

As raking requires a lot of physical effort and it putts pressure on your back and also arms. It can cause you medical problems like body aches and sever discomfort (such as blisters on the hands). Also if you big lawn then you can’t rake all the lawn by yourself. So you really need lawn sweeper and you should by one now if you haven’t buy yet.

Why Do You Need It?

After knowing about the lawn sweeper, you have to know why you need a lawn sweeper as an essential of your garden or yard. There are various reasons which make using a lawn sweeper as the best choice. Among them, I have listed out the most important reasons for purchasing one.

  • Pick Up Anything And Everything- The first and the foremost reasons is the collection of the dried leaves and debris from your yard and maintain it to give a pleasing look. Certain brand’s lawn sweeper are capable of picking up even the pine cones too. If you have a yard with a pine tree, you will feel it be beneficial.
  • Avoid Hearing Damage-Have you ever used a leaf blower? If yes, then, you would have surely got irritated by the noise that they make. The leaf blowers are designed to blow away the leaves alone and not the twigs and other debris. Using a lawn sweeper, you will have peace while cleaning and can avoid disturbing the neighbors with the noise of the leaf blowers and the hazards of damaging the hearing capacity of the ears.
  • Overcome Leaves Entangling-If you have tried other methods of gathering grass especially a mower, you would have undergone the problems of the blades getting dull due to the twisting of the leaves in the blades while working. Using a lawn sweeper will help you resolve the problem as it collects the debris quicker and easier than the other methods.
  • Combine To Compost- Even if you are one among the users of rakes or other devices to gather leaves. You will have to bend down frequently to dispose the loaded leaves into a separate container or a dump pit for composting. Unlike these devices, the lawn sweepers usually come with an extra large hamper attached to them which facilitates easy collection of the debris in a single bag without pausing for unloading often. At the end, you can dispose it to a compost pit or whatever with a single lever operation.
  • Sweep Easy- The seasonal months expose you to laborious tasks of collecting the leaves in almost all the areas of your lawn from the sidewalks, pathways and much more. But, a water hose or a mower will not sweep off just like the lawn sweepers does. Also, it takes more effort and time to sweep along with the increase in the electricity bill of using water taps for a long time. All these problems can be resolved with a lawn sweeper.

How To Buy A Lawn Sweeper

Now these days lawn sweepers are available both online and across home and garden retail outlets. So you can choose from where you want to buy it. Well it’s good to see the price difference before buying and also if you are buying online then product will be delivered at your home.

The best prices for lawn sweepers can be found on e-commerce sites.

To get the best price on lawn sweepers you can check out the best lawn sweepers for more information:

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