The Machine: About Lawn Sweepers

Lawn Sweepers Eliminate The Burden Of Raking

After mowing grass or when leaves fall, you need a way to clear your lawn to keep it healthy and looking beautiful.

Traditionally, rakes are the tool most people use for the task.

However, raking takes a lot of time and is hard on the body.

Lawn sweepers are pieces of lawn equipment that automatically sweep up leaves, grass clippings and other lawn debris. They replace the rake.

Two Types Of Lawn Sweepers: Tow Behind And Push

There are two types of lawn sweepers:

  1. Tow behind lawn sweepers – pulled by a powered machine, such as lawn tractor or riding mower. Check out the Tow Behind Lawn Sweepers 101 to learn more.
  2. Push lawn sweepers – operated manually through muscle power. Check out the Push Lawn Sweepers 101 to learn more.

An automatically rotating sweeping brush inside the lawn sweeper (turned by the wheels) gathers debris from the lawn into a hopper bag. When the bag fills up, the contents are disposed by emptying the hopper into a compost pile or a lawn bag.

A good lawn sweeper will make your life as a lawn owner much easier by saving you time, energy and eliminating pressure on your body.

Find out about lawn sweepers on the market by browsing through our lawn sweeper reviews.

No Longer Dread Clearing Leaves From Your Lawn

A lawn sweeper requires much less time and effort to clear a lawn compared to the rake. Therefore, lawn sweeper owners report that they no longer dread clearing leaves and grass clippings.

People who get lawn sweepers report that they actually enjoy clearing their lawns, whereas they used to resist and even hate the chore before.

The psychological benefits of owning a lawn sweeper are significant, including reduced stress and worry.

Make Lawn Clean-Up Fun!

Tow behind sweepers are especially fun to use because they simply attach to the back of a tractor. Few people do not enjoy riding on their tractor.

Push sweepers also provide enjoyment as the leaves just disappear into the hopper as you walk over them. They are more suitable for people who enjoy getting exercise as they clear their lawns, and will definitely speed up your heart rate.

Benefits of Lawn Sweepers

Here is a summary of the benefits of using a lawn sweeper versus other methods of clearing a lawn such as raking, leaf blowing, and bagging:

  • Saves hours of your time: spend more time doing what you want instead of clearing the lawn.
  • Less strain on your back.
  • Less strain on your shoulders.
  • More fun.
  • Safe.
  • Simple to learn how to operate.
  • Prevents disease on your lawn by easily keeping it clear of rotting plant material.
  • Protects grass from being killed by blockage of sunlight.
  • Makes your lawn look clean and beautiful with far less effort.

What Maria Says

Here is what Maria Tocks (a visitor to says about lawn sweepers:

How To Choose Which Lawn Sweeper To Buy

A lawn sweeper is a tool that you will likely keep for years to come. It will have a significant impact on your time, body, and the appearance of your lawn.

If you are ready to buy one, it is important to think first carefully about your options and choose the product that is right for your situation.

The differences between the push and tow behind lawn sweepers are significant, and a careful assessment of your unique situation is required before making the choice about what type to buy.

Also, within the tow behind and push categories there are significant differences between brands and models.

Here are the factors you need to consider before buying a lawn sweeper:

  • Size of your lawn.
  • Number of trees on your property.
  • Your own tolerance for noise.
  • Durability of the product.
  • What kind of debris the lawn sweeper can pick up.
  • Ease/difficulty of assembly.
  • Your budget.
  • Product availability and online purchasing options.

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