Top Best Lawn Sweeper for Your Lawn

Do you want to efficiently keep your lawn tidy without breaking the bank?

If you do, it’s a wise decision to learn how to buy a lawn sweeper. Simply put, a lawn sweeperis an essential and affordable tool for your garden. Whether it’s powered by hand or by an electric motor, this machine keeps your lawn free of twigs, fallen leaves, pine needles, and litter.


With all the brands, types, and features, how can you pick the right lawn sweeper for your garden?

Well, this is when we come in. From revealing the benefits of using a lawn sweeper to buying and maintaining such a tool, our guide will help you take full advantage of this gardening tool.

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1. Benefits of Having a Lawn Sweeper

You might think of just having a rake or a lawn mower bagger, but a lawn sweeper has its own set of advantages compared to other tools. In particular, there are four reasons that convince you to pick a lawn sweeper:   1

Saves time and energy

While a rake is definitely cheaper compared to a lawn sweeper, you will also be spending more time and energy cleaning your garden than necessary.

Compared to using a lawn sweeper for less than an hour, you are likely to waste hours getting the same amount of leaves and debris from your garden. This is because you’re relying more on your physical fortitude with a rake. 2

Collects more kinds of debris than grass baggers

If you only want to get rid of leaves and grass clippings, a grass bagger can do that job. However, if you are dealing with a variety of debris throughout the year, a lawn sweeper is obviously the best choice.

Lawn sweepers can handle various types of debris such as grass clippings, pine needles, pine cones, twigs, and leaves.   3

Does not damage grass

The standard blades of a grass bagger can damage the grass. In contrast, a lawn sweeper does not negatively affect the grass because it only uses soft brushes. 4

Performs better than leaf blowers

Compared to lawn sweepers, leaf blowers take longer to collect all of the debris in the garden. The later isn’t designed to gather the debris in one location. Instead, they just blow the debris and scatter them from one place to another. Likewise, they are significantly louder than lawn sweepers, which are usually relatively quiet.

2. How to Choose a Suitable Lawn Sweeper

After knowing the benefits of a lawn sweeper, you now have to choose the right one for your place. In general, there are two types: push lawn sweepers and tow lawn sweepers. Let’s take a closer look at their respective functions.


Push Lawn Sweeper

This type of sweeper has the same appearance as a lawn mower you walk behind from. This lawn sweeper works by being pushed consistently fast enough to gather momentum, which is necessary for its soft brushes to collect leaves and other debris. Once the brushes carry the debris up, they are taken into a bag to be disposed of later on.

If you have a relatively small lawn, a push lawn sweeper works well for maintaining the place weekly. Furthermore, they do not operate noisily, and they are simple to use.

As for disadvantages, a push lawn sweeper does not perform efficiently on large areas and slopes. In addition, this sweeper is incapable of gathering wet debris efficiently.

Tow Lawn Sweeper

Next, the tow lawn sweeper is the type that’s attached to the back of a moving lawn mower or tractor. Thus, this garden tool utilizes the momentum built up from being towed behind to gather the leaves into the bag.

A significant difference between the tow lawn sweeper and the push lawn sweeper is it is typically larger and has bags with bigger carrying capacities. Therefore, it is the preferred type if you have a more than an acre size property. Understandably, the tow lawn sweeper is more costly than the smaller push lawn sweeper.

Here’s a video of a tow lawn sweeper in action:

3. Lawn Sweeper Buying Tips

Now you’ve picked the right tool, the next things considered are the two characteristics that will make it easier for you to pick the right lawn sweeper regardless of the type.


A lawn sweeper is something you will use every week for pretty much throughout the year. This garden tool will be pushed and pulled around at varying speeds, so it should be durable enough to withstand constant use. If it is constructed with premium materials, you will save money in terms of repair fees.

Carrying Capacity

While the bags of tow lawn sweepers are all large, they still differ from each other a bit. Thus, you should check each model available and see if the bags are large enough for your area. This is important because this will lessen the time spending disposing of the contents.

Difficulty in Using

These days, it’s not rare to see lawn sweepers that are brimming with features, most of which you won’t need for your weekly lawn maintenance. If you will get your first lawn sweeper, it’s better to get one with just necessary functions but performs exceedingly well.

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